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With donors increasingly prioritizing data-driven results, few organizations have the resources to prove their work. I’m a cost-effective independent consultant experienced in translating your work into evidence-based findings to secure funding and increase your impact.

With IRC’s Health Program Team in Bocaranga, Central African Republic (2016)

It’s hard to prove your impact.

You know your work is impactful, but you don’t have enough time and staff to prove it. McLain Consulting will work with you to gather and report the evidence you need to keep doing great work.

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Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Without a high-quality baseline assessment, you reach the end of your project and realize you don’t have the data necessary to demonstrate the impact of your work. Without good monitoring systems, you waste time chasing information and lack the ability to confidently report on your efforts. Without a proper endline evaluation, you can’t prove to donors that your successful work deserves more funding.McLain Consulting will help you put systems in place for all three.

Observing an Ebola response simulation in Monrovia, Liberia (2017)

M&E Services

- Designing baseline and end line project assessments- Using qualitative and quantitative methods to measure your work- Creating user-friendly tools and databases- Building dynamic dashboards for monitoring and reporting- Writing and editing reports


Research takes your M&E to the next level so that you can share your results broadly and advance learning across the entire field. Unfortunately, the requirements for research methodology can be challenging, navigating the academic world can be intimidating, and the bar for “evidence” can feel too high. With my academic background and skills, I bring the level of rigor necessary to help turn your work into publishable research.

Field team conducting research in Southwestern Uganda (2020)

Research Services

- Advising on methods and study design- Developing data collection tools and protocols- Collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data- Conducting literature reviews, interviews, and surveys- Writing reports, presentations, and manuscripts for publication

“Grace was such a valuable part of our team – someone who could be relied upon to take initiative and consistently deliver high quality work."

Lara Lorenzetti

Scientist, FHI 360

“Having worked with Grace on two multi-country projects, I appreciate her excellent technical and coordination skills.”

JC Fotso

Executive Director, EVIHDAF

"Grace gets us funding. She's great at that."

Darryl Norris

Software Developer, Crossroads App

"I wish I could hire Grace for all of my projects!"

Cady Carlson

Professor, University of Alabama

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Grace McLain, MSPH, is a self-identified data nerd with over a decade of experience addressing some of the world’s biggest health problems. With an analytical approach to innovation, she uses her skills to achieve data-driven solutions that advance the way we achieve social impact to improve the health of individuals, society, and the planet. Working with international NGOs, government agencies, and academic institutions, she has conducted M&E and research around family planning, infectious disease readiness and response, vaccine hesitancy, maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases, foster care, and more.She understands what it takes to plan, execute, and document implementation projects and research studies. She also understands what it takes to work effectively in challenging environments, including with vulnerable populations in conflict-affected areas.She leads a nomadic life and has called many places home, including Baltimore, Bangui, New York City, Monrovia, Kentucky, Dakar, Colorado, and her camper van, which is likely parked somewhere in the mountains right now.